Open Edition Luster print, 12×18″ signed by the artist.

“‘…Odysseus…another journey calls. You must travel down to the House of Death and the awesome one, Persephone,
there to consult the ghost of Tiresias, seer of Thebes,
the great blind prophet whose mind remains unshaken.
Even in death-Persephone has given him wisdom, everlasting vision to him and him alone…’

The shade of the famous Theban prophet,
holding a golden scepter, knew me at once and hailed me:
‘Royal son of Laertes, Odysseus, master of exploits,
man of pain, what now, what brings you here,
forsaking the light of day
to see this joyless kingdom of the dead? Stand back…put up your sharp sword so I can tell you all the truth.”
— Homer, The Odyssey (Books 10 & 11, as translated by R. Fagles”)

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