“The Dreamers”, oil on panel, 16×20″.
This original painting is varnished, framed, and ready to hang!
Painted for Haven Gallery‘s group show, “Shakespearean,” this piece was inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “The Dreamers” is a visual representation of love and desire – central themes in the classic play.
Shakespeare, through the many couplings in the play, illustrates the contradictions of love and desire and – from a larger perspective – the plurality of love itself.
He asks; how can love be cruel & kind, secure & uncertain, irrational & logical, intoxicating & orderly, passionate & turbulent, confusing, complex, and yet so simple?
To distill it further, “The Dreamers” asks this; How is it that love can be both innocent and corrupting?
Above all – how does one reconcile all of these contradictory emotions that are seemingly at odds, yet integrally interwoven in the dance between love and desire?

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