Nicholas Elias (b. 1992) is an illustrator currently living in Long Island, New York with his best pal (read: puppy) Lucy. Working primarily in the imaginative realism and fantasy genres provides a perfect umbrella for his focus on epic narratives and mythology. Servicing commercial and private clients alike, Nick brings his passion for craftsmanship and storytelling to every creation.

Currently, Nick is working on a series of narrative paintings based on Homer’s classic epic, “The Odyssey.” Pulling from a broad spectrum of artistic influences and his own Greek heritage, Nick’s goal is to craft a unique and modern vision of this timeless myth.

Nick’s work has been recognized by Infected by Art, The Art Order, Muddy Colors, and Gurney Journey, and he is featured as a recurring artist on Every Day Original. Creating for popular IP’s such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Arkham Horror, Nick’s illustrations have been published for card games, board games, guide books, and packaging covers. A versatile artist, Nick also works in the advertising industry creating storyboards, concept art and poster illustrations. Clients include; Fantasy Flight Games, Zagora Games, Ataboy Studios, Two of Us, The University of Hartford, and more. 

An experienced teacher with a passion for learning, Nick has taught workshops in Illustration, Drawing and Painting. Nick received his BFA in Illustration with Magna cum Laude honors from the Hartford Art School in 2015.


Upcoming & Current Events: 

  • Myths, Monsters & Legends  – Black Lotus Art Gallery: Opening Reception April 27th, 2020
  • Illuxcon 13 – Weekend Showcase (October 2020)
  • Infected by Art: Volume 8 (2020)

Exhibitions, Publications, Workshops & Awards:

  • Shakespearean Group Show – Haven Gallery (2020)
  • Illuxcon 12 – Weekend Showcase (2019)
  • Infected by Art: Volume 7 (2019)
  • Illustration Master Class: Muddy Colors Scholarship Recipient (2019)
  • Infected by Art: Volume 6 (2018)
  • GenCon 51 – GenCon Art Show (2018)
  • Illustration 101 Workshop – Herricks UFSD (2018)
  • Art of the Game – Black Lotus Art Gallery (2018)
  • Portraits of Legendeers – Mahting Productions (2017)
  • Illuxcon 10 – Weekend Showcase (2017)
  • Infected by Art: Volume 5 (2017)
  • Muddy Colors – Rising Star Contest: 1st Runner Up (2017)
  • Infected by Art: Volume 4 (2016)
  • Illuxcon 9: Weekend Showcase (2016)
  • ArtOrder’s Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo Tribute Show – Gallery Provocateur (2016)
  • Gurney Journey: Honorable Mention (2015)
  • No Words Needed – Joseloff Gallery (2015)
  • Sicily Rediscovered – Silpe Gallery (2014)